Pakistani passport has been ranked at 192nd spot throughout the Individual Passport Power Ranking (IPPR) 2020. The report has been issued by The Passport Index, the world’s predominant real-time passport score web page.

Pakistani passport has made noticeable enchancment as a result of it was ranked at 198th place in 2019.

According to particulars, the ranks are given by combining every the Mobility Score (MS), the number of nations one can go to and never utilizing a visa, or they’re going to obtain a visa on arrival, and United Nations Development Program’s Human Development Index (UNDP HDI).

The elevated the mobility score, the upper is the IPPR.

Pakistani passport has an MS of 33 as. It means Pakistani passport holders can profit from the facility of visa-free entry to 7 and visa on arrival in 26 nations.

Japan with an MS of 116 has been ranked on the excessive IPPR 2020 whereas Iraq with an MS of 26 has been ranked on the bottom of the 199 member report.

Here are the underside 10 passports

Rank on IPPR 2020 Name Mobility Score
190 Eritrea 36
191 Myanmar 36
192 Pakistan 33
193 Palestine 32
194 Iran 32
195 Yemen 31
196 Somalia 30
197 Syria 29
198 Afghanistan 26
199 Iraq 26

On the alternative hand, the Ministry of Interior has extended the expiration date of Pakistani Passports till June 2020 because of out break of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Interior says the selection has been made throughout the wake of coronavirus as passport locations of labor mustn’t issuing new identification taking part in playing cards and passports.

Amid the pandemic the federal authorities and provincial governments have been directed to close all ministries and departments and their public dealing locations of labor to mitigate the adversarial outcomes of coronavirus.


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