Acclaimed British director Alan Parker, whose filmography spanned genres from thrillers and comedies to musicals and wartime dramas, dies at 76.

Alan Parker’s films obtained a whole of 19 British film academy awards (Baftas), 10 Golden Globes and 10 Oscar Awards. He died after a extended illness.

ALan parker

Bugsy Malone, Parker’s extraordinarily distinctive perform film debut in 1976, was a musical parody of Prohibition-era gangster movies.

Furthermore, it featured a youthful Jodie Foster as a result of the glamorous singer Tallulah, and totally different child actors who went on to have worthwhile careers.

Alan Parker

Parker adopted up with Midnight Express, based on the true story of an American man imprisoned in Turkey with smuggling prices.

However, the film obtained two Oscars, along with one for Oliver Stone, who wrote the script.

Moreover, Alan Parker obtained honours in Britain for his achievements in film-making, along with a knighthood in 2002.

Alan Parker


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