Ramzan Chhipa, founder and social activist of Chhipa, talked about that it was a miracle that the girl’s life was saved no matter her poor state of affairs.

“We received a call this morning and were told about the girl, in which our team reached the spot and rescued the girl from the steel shed of the shops in an injured condition,” Ramzan Chhipa instructed a press conference.

Mr. Chhipa talked about that the new child was thrown from a prime shortly after begin whereas in 35 years no one has seen fall from the setting up and survive.

In this regard, Ramzan Chhipa has requested to position the new baby infants inside the swings of Chhipa.

“If the parents contact us legally, we will hand over the baby. Otherwise, we will either take care of the girl ourselves or we will hand over the child to a benevolent parent,” he talked about.

Earlier proper this second, Unidentified people threw a new baby baby girl from the second floor of the setting up inside the Baloch Colony house of ​​Karachi.

The sources of Chhipa Welfare Association talked about that the new baby baby is alive and properly, she is at current in a Chhipa infant home.


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