Your elders or sometimes associates might want to have instructed you about how one can keep a peaceful life or how one can spend your life inside the present time. Sometimes they use some phrases which plenty of you do not understand the least bit. Something some have occurred with Pakistani actress Mahira Khan.

Taking to her Instagram account, the Superstar actress highlighted the phrase ‘be mindful of your breath’ and wrote how she nonetheless could not understand it and get confused by its which means.

The starlet wrote,

“Never fully understood what it meant when I was told or heard ‘be mindful of your breath’. I think I get it, maybe. It is when you truly understand that every single time you take a breath, you are alive. Alive. With every single inhale, alive. With every single exhale, alive.”

She went on to write down down,

“Imagine being aware of every second of being alive. Acknowledging it. Ufff we’d love/live so differently, we’d treat each other with care, we’d use our words carefully.. we’d honor each breath, we’d honor life.”

She concluded by writing that,

“I’m really still working on practicing this all the time”.


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