Actress Sonya Hussyn instructed her followers that she goes to go on her social media with an authorized psychological nicely being expert. Sonya Hussyn has been going by means of criticism due to a contact upon her Instagram.

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida actress is now engaged on a model new endeavor ‘Saraab’ whereby she performs the place of a schizophrenic affected individual.

She not too way back shared a put up of her upcoming drama and listed quite a few indicators of schizophrenic affected individual experiences. However, she talked about ‘autism’ as one among many indicators of schizophrenia.

Sonya obtained criticism as a fan commented that she is the mother of two autistic youngsters and autism is a dysfunction.

To this, Sonya replied, “It is one of the symptoms in schizophrenia”.
Social media clients slammed her on her ‘ill-informed’ comment. However, she lastly took to Instagram and gave her stance.

She launched that she goes to coordinate with an authorized expert on psychological nicely being shortly. “To calibrate my knowledge and discuss the subject further, I will go on my social media soon with a qualified expert on mental health and wellness.”

“All those who only choose to bash or criticize others, have given me more reason to talk about such issues.”
“Amidst the debate, we should always remember to focus on the bigger picture. At the end of the day, we’re all hoping to spread more awareness about mental health and benefit the cause.”

“It is sad that as a society, we are led by a few to ignore someone’s intent and a bigger picture,” “Instead, we focus to resolve on on small particulars that result in negating the distinctive goal of benefiting a set off or an individual.

Mental wellness and nicely being are subjects I’ve spoken about sooner than becoming an actor. I’ve on a regular basis impressed others to actually really feel cosy when starting conversations about the an identical. This is a matter close to me because of my experience with Amii, who struggled with despair for 15 years.”


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