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An artist from the Philippines Mary Mae makes leaf art work as her provide of income after she misplaced her manufacturing unit job ensuing from coronavirus.

The 23-year-old artist Mary Mae Dacanay is popping leaves into celebrity art work. She began having enjoyable together with her favourite earlier time when she misplaced her job. However, she had points gathering provides in rustic whereby strict lockdown measures are in affect.

Vacancy found a chance and picked some leaves from a jackfruit tree exterior her home.

Mary Mae began decreasing leaves to spice up in model celebrities. She had made images of Robert Downey Jr and Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, and others. Not solely this, nonetheless, the artist moreover created an image of the Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte.

“Because of this pandemic, I wanted to try making artwork but purchasing art supplies in my town was very difficult because of the strict lockdown,” she acknowledged, speaking at her home in Laguna province, south of the capital Manila.

“The only way was to buy online but it was also difficult. I experimented using leaves as a makeshift canvas and it turned out nice.”

Leaf art

The proficient artist obtained 1000’s of followers on Facebook in days. She then purchased a number of objects of her “leaf art”, each for about 400 pesos ($8.24). The precise value varies in line with the extent of aspect in every bit.

Vacancy acknowledged that she is now ready to earn whereas having enjoyable together with her ardour, instead of working seven days each week at a producing unit, plus extra time.

Leaf art

“This leaf art has helped me so much financially during this pandemic,” she acknowledged.


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