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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s maintain Netflix led some followers to cancel their subscriptions with the streaming platform.

The contract by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, worth $100 million, has angered Netflix royal followers lots that they’ve opted to cancel their subscription.

Responding to the announcement of the recently-inked deal, one individual wrote, “May well cancel my subscription to Netflix.”

Another one said, “Cancelled Netflix. Not paying one penny to them.”
A third fumed, “Not only will I not be interested in anything they have to say I will cancel my subscription!”

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace insiders moreover reacted to the data recently, reasonably saltily, saying that the deal will seemingly be ‘scrutinized’ by the royal household.

A provide talked about, “Under the terms of their deal to forgo their royal duties, they agreed any commercial deals would be subject to discussion. any speaking engagements or other corporate work are examples.”


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