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Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan will chair a federal cabinet meeting proper now. The agenda of the meeting has moreover been launched.

According to the small print, the political, monetary, and security state of affairs of the nation shall be reviewed inside the cabinet meeting.

Besides, the Prime Minister will take the Cabinet into confidence on the Karachi Transformation Plan.

The federal cabinet meeting will approve the extension of the mandate of the Legislative Committee, the appointment of the chairman of the Federal Board of Education, and approval of LNG terminals at Cabinet Port Qasim Karachi.

The Cabinet will approve the recruitment of Judicial Officers on ex-cadre posts and the launch of ferry service in Pakistan.

The Cabinet might even ratify the alternatives of August 27 related to the Economic Coordination Committee and the Energy Committee.

The NEPRA annual report 2018 and 2019 might even be provided inside the meeting of the federal cabinet. The cabinet meeting will approve the establishment of a Mass Transit Authority in Islamabad.

The current worth sample of necessary objects, with explicit reference to import of sugar and wheat and its impression of house prices might even come beneath dialogue.


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