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Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Captain Muhammad Mehmood has directed the administration and City Police to make foolproof security preparations for Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A).

According to a spokesman, the commissioner directed the authorities concerned to make elaborate security preparations for the security of the mourners.

The Commissioner was briefed that over 1841 Religious Gatherings (Majalis) and 390 Muharram processions have been organized in Rawalpindi district all through Muharram beneath elaborate security preparations whereas cops have been deployed at 31,000 elements to provide appropriate security cowl to 2231 Majalis and processions. Maximum police personnel has been deployed to verify laws and order throughout the district.

Rawalpindi District Police had finalized elaborate security preparations for Religious Gatherings and Muharram processions. Senior cops monitored the security preparations of the processions and Religious Gatherings and as well as briefed the security personnel in regards to the security state of affairs and preparations


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