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The accountability court docket docket AC has issued a non-bailable arrest warrant in direction of Salman Shahbaz in a money laundering case.

According to the small print, Salman Shahbaz’s report was supplied throughout the court docket docket by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) whereby it was acknowledged that the accused had gone overseas.

The court docket docket directed DG NAB Lahore to tell the abroad office regarding the non-bailable arrest warrant of Salman Shahbaz.

The court docket docket had moreover summoned Shahbaz Sharif, his partner Nusrat Shahbaz, and daughters. Shahbaz Sharif moreover appeared in court docket docket alongside alongside together with his daughter Jaweria. The court docket docket allowed Jaweria to depart after having a look.

Shahbaz Sharif all through the proceedings talked about that he served responsibly and honestly for 10 years and saved various hundred billion rupees from the federal authorities exchequer.

The NAB is of the view that the Sharif family’s money laundering and anonymous corporations had been run from a office often called ’55 Okay’.

According to the National Accountability Bureau, from 2008 to 2018, the property of four members of the Shahbaz Sharif family elevated by 450% whereas the property of Salman Shahbaz alone elevated by 900%.
In 2009, the property of the Sharif family had been larger than 68 crores by 2018, the price of property had reached larger than 300 crores.


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