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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the people of Pakistan try forward to bid welcome President Xi Jinping to Pakistan.

He said that in a farewell dinner organized for Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing. The Prime Minister appreciated the place of the Chinese Ambassador in further strengthening Pak-China relations.

The Prime Minister said that CPEC entered the second part all through Ambassador Yao Jing’s Tenure. 

In the second part, CPEC is focused on industrial, agricultural, socio-economic enchancment. The second part of CPEC will play a key place in promoting regional enchancment and prosperity.


Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the people of Pakistan try forward to welcoming President Jinping to Pakistan. Chinese administration has carried out a giant place in China’s socio-economic transformation and has realized moderately so much from the occasion of China’s monetary enchancment and poverty alleviation.

On the occasion, the Chinese Ambassador said that the Prime Minister’s imaginative and prescient and administration has a vital place to play inside the transformation of Pakistan. 

He moreover Thanked the then Prime Minister to pay heed on CPEC. CPEC will current immense benefits to the entire space along with Pakistan, he added.

He said that the protection of wise lockdown on Coronavirus has been accepted globally, the thought could also be carried out to deal with the second wave of Coronavirus.


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