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Chairman Pak Sarzmeen Party Mustafa Kamal has talked about that the Supreme Court must intervene and preserve native physique elections in Karachi.

Addressing a press conference in Karachi, he talked about the issues of Karachi had been hitting headlines and was on the excessive of the federal authorities’s priority file, nevertheless all in ineffective. Karachi is being neglected as soon as extra and can in all probability be checked out when one different disaster befalls it.

He talked about that Karachi pays additional taxes than totally different cities of the nation and Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed had moreover taken uncover of the problems of Karachi nevertheless the roads and streets in Karachi are nonetheless dilapidated and there isn’t any one to ask. There stays to be water in a number of markets in Karachi.

Mustafa Kamal talked about that we had been fed up with the native authorities and we’re moreover dissatisfied with the Sindh authorities. The residents of Karachi have extreme hopes from the Army Chief.

Mustafa Kamal complained that Prime Minister Imran Khan already be taught out the bundle deal for Karachi, nonetheless the implementation course of getting delayed.

He added that the very subsequent day after the announcement of the Karachi bundle deal by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan Peoples Party complained of not getting any fund.


Raising objections to the administrators in Karachi, he talked about that corrupt administrators have been appointed throughout the metropolis to permit them to have administration on the metropolis.

Therefore, the Supreme Court must intervene and preserve native physique elections, talked about Kamal.

Chairman PSP Mustafa Kamal talked about that talks of APC have been taking place for some days now. 

He questioned that with what function the hosts of APC are criticizing the federal authorities?

He talked about that PPP has powers beneath the 18th modification nevertheless PPP has even decrease off the water present to people’ properties. 

Despite this, PPP is now demanding additional powers.

“For God’s sake, avoid further destruction of Karachi,” talked about Kamal.


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