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Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal talked about on Saturday that some days once more the problems of Karachi have been a scorching topic nonetheless the state of affairs has modified after the All Parties Conference (APC).

He talked about inside the latest assertion, “About of exchange of shelling has started after the APC,”

“As the city will receive another rainfall a new drama will be staged.”

The former mayor of Karachi added, “The prime minister read a package of 1100 billion and left the city,” “No follow up seen after the announcement.”

Kamal extra talked about, “The package for Karachi is a tournament of talking and nothing else,” “I have presented six points for solution of the problems of Karachi.”

“Presently everyone has been engaged in saving or de-seating the government,” he talked about. “Everyone only thinking to save his or her position without caring about the people,” Kamal talked about.

“The MQM now saying that only a new province could solve the issues,” 


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