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Superstar Adnan Siddiqui expressed his love and devotion to his daughters within the occasion of Daughter’s Day.

‘Ye dil mera’ actor penned down a protracted remember for his angels on Instagram. He wrote, “Dear Maryam Jan and Daniya Jania,” “You two are growing up so fast that I really wish to either stop the time or get hold of a time machine and go back to the day you were born.”

He recalled the reminiscences when the daughters used to clasp their little fingers in Adnan’s fingers, “It was just a moment ago you clasped your little finger in my hand, trusting me to hold you steady as you took the first steps. And look at both of you now, becoming such fine young ladies!”


“You should make your own choices—right or wrong, make your own decisions—good or bad. The only word of advice I have for you is to be responsible for all that you do,” he extra wrote, encouraging his daughters to be unbiased and sturdy and assuring them that he’ll “always be there to catch you whenever you fall.”

“I’ll be the wind beneath your wings, the flight will be yours. I will watch you from the shadows, you will celebrate life,” he concluded, closing the message with, “Happy Daughter’s Day!”


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