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American actress Taylor Swift made into headlines as photos have been fired exterior the singer’s residence in New York on Sunday.

According to the preliminary particulars, armed males attacked a neighborhood sneaker retailer known as Patron of New York at 151 Franklin Street, near Swift’s ritzy Tribeca townhouse inside the upscale neighborhood. 

Police claimed that four bullets have been fired with no accidents and lack of life.

The theft had occurred solely near the $18million property of Taylor Swift.

A waiter at a restaurant inside the neighborhood talked about to the native data provide, “Suddenly we heard 4 photographs and I used to be freaked out. 

I noticed folks on the scene run. They look scared and jumped right into a automotive.”

Another witness instructed the native data provide that this incident was the second shootout in just one month. “I saw people at the scene run. They look scared and jumped into a car.”

“It’s a family neighborhood, and I choose safety over access to fancy sneakers every time,” they added.


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