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Renowned filmmaker Michael Moore thinks that US President Donald Trump is also lying about his COVID-19 evaluation, saying the president might be faking his sickness to postpone the presidential election.

Terming Donald Trump as a ‘professional liar’, Michael Moore ranted at dimension on his Facebook internet web page the place he talked about that this may occasionally very properly be Trump’s artful plan to win sympathy inside the upcoming polls.

“There is one absolute truth about Trump: He is a consistent, absolute, unrelenting, fearless, and professional liar. A serial liar. A factually proven liar,” Moore lashed out.

“How many lies now has the Washington Post proven in these four years? 25,000? A lie at least twice during every waking hour? Think of all the bad people you’ve known in your life. Even the worst ones you couldn’t say that about.”

“So why on earth would we believe him today?” Moore added moreover.

“Has he earned your trust now? No. Yet, we’re decent enough to not want him to be sick, to wish him well, and maybe just this once give him the benefit of the doubt because why would he lie about this?”


Moore, in his prolonged Facebook, submit, claimed that on account of Trump is shedding November three poll he is trying to “change the conversation about this campaign”.

“He’s losing the election. And he knows it. It’s not 2016. He was hated in 2016, but he’s hated even more now. Millions of Americans are ON FIRE and on the verge of serving him up a major league ass-whooping and a record landslide defeat. So he needs – badly – to change the conversation about this campaign. And he just has.”

Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have been examined constructive for COVID-19 on Friday after one of many president’s advisers contracted the virus.


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