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Bollywood’s Dabangg Salman Khan and actress Katrina Kaif had been rumored to be in a long-term relationship.

Their romance started when Katrina began her journey in B-Town commerce. Salman helped Katrina launch her Bollywood occupation and supplied ample assist all by means of.

However, their relationship could not stand any longer and led to Katrina breaking up with Salman over textual content material messages.

According to an in-depth provide, “She was shooting in Ooty with Ranbir Kapoor when this happened.”

It all started when Katrina was capturing for Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani with Ranbir and the two acquired shut to 1 one other.

The starlet fell for Ranbir Kapoor, who’s in a relationship with Alia Bhatt, and decided to complete points off with Dabangg Khan.

However, the enticing starlet did not waste a second and despatched a textual content material to Salman.

“She didn’t want to wait until she got back home. So, she texted him that it was over from her side, but they could remain friends. The actor was furious and decided to land upon the film’s set,” revealed Katrina’s pal.

“A scared Katrina was afraid to confront Salman in person. Fortunately for her, the star never showed. His family and very close friends advised him against this.”



However, her intimacy was not the one trigger behind Katrina breaking up with the well-known individual.

According to her completely different mates, she was pissed off with the actor.

“There isn’t any shock worth to this breakup. It was destined to occur.

 Katrina was getting increasingly more annoyed with Salman” the pal talked about.

“Katrina had been telling close friends how she can’t relate to Salman anymore. Not only is the age difference vast, but she’s also fed up with him,” her fellow ended.


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