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On Monday, Shehbaz Sharif, National Assembly’s Opposition chief, and the PML-N President has complained that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officers dealt with him in an “inhumane and humiliating” method whereas he was imprisoned in jail.

Shehbaz said whereas giving his assertion to the accountability courtroom that he was accurately acutely aware of the reason being imprisoned, nonetheless, it was his elementary correct to get medical treatment for his backache, PML-N President has been struggling for 25 years.

He moreover knowledgeable the courtroom that he used to ask for help to differ the place of his chair for prayers, nevertheless, he was refused to current any assistance on October 1 and a pair of when he sought help from jail officers.


Shehbaz moreover alleged that his meals had been being positioned on the bottom as an alternative choice to being served on the desk. The PML-N chief said,

“This is being deliberately so that I have to bend to pick it up. It is happening at the behest of Imran Khan and Shehzad Akbar.”

If one thing occurred to his effectively being, the Opposition chief warned that he would lodge an FIR in the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Shehzad Akbar.

The presiding select said whereas responding to Shahbaz’s grievance that the courtroom will not any sort of inhumane treatment in the middle of the detention.

The presiding select further said that he would not tolerate any humiliation of prisoners in jail.

“I will take notice if there are any complaints in the future,” he added.

The NAB prosecutor said that Shahbaz Sharif had not been saved in a jail cell in its place he had been saved in a specific room and the PML-N President solely ate the meals from his dwelling.

Restraining the attorneys from speaking, the select said,

“I’ve extra expertise in politics than you. 

I’ll cross a full order on this in the present day. It is in no way acceptable {that a} prisoner is served meals on the bottom.”


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