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Maulana Adil Khan has been martyred after attackers opened a fire on his double-cabin vehicle on his means once more from Darul Uloom Karachi.

According to the small print, Maulana Adil was attacked in Shah Faisal Colony. Two people moreover purchased injured throughout the firing incident and have been shifted to Fauji Foundation hospital, located in Shah Faisal.

Maulana Adil was the superintendent of Farooqia University, located in Shah Faisal Colony 4, and the son of the late Maulana Saleemullah Khan.

Maulana Adil Liaquat took his remaining breath on the Liaquat National Hospital. The hospital spokesman talked about that Maulana Adil died sooner than reaching the hospital.

The spokesman revealed that Maulana Adil was shot twice and his driver Maqsood was moreover killed throughout the firing incident.


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