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Pakistani actress Neelum Muneer has shared a optimistic message for all her followers and followers on her Instagram account.

The Maang actress took to her Instagram and shared some phrases of information and knowledgeable those who they should not concern regarding the robust cases.

“If you ever doubt yourself or feel insecure about your skills or knowledge just remember that your creator does NOT burden you with more than you can handle.”

She went on to jot down down,

“We usually think this refers to difficulties and tests, but it could also include success.”

Neelum earlier had talked about despair and knowledgeable strategies to deal with it.

“Life is rarely a mattress of roses. We endure from heartbreak, ache, and calamity, any of which could drive us to despair.”

She further wrote, “However, at times depression can just be there for no specific reason at all, and when this happens we must seek help for it.”

Neelum mentioned, “Allah SWT The Creator of Universe has revealed The Noble Quran as a guide for mankind till the end of time, giving us a guide to help us through depression. We should study the Holy Quran to get rid of depression and anxiety.”




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