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Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has acknowledged Pakistan Army has carried out a key perform in sustaining integrity, sovereignty and peace, and enchancment of the nation.

Speaking to media in Lahore on Saturday, he acknowledged that exterior forces are engaged in hatching conspiracies in opposition to Pakistan Army and destabilizing the nation.

He acknowledged Prime Minister Imran Khan has given a clear message to the opposition that he will not give NRO to anyone.

“The military is the democracy, economy, and stability of the country, it will not permit to spread lawlessness at any cost,” the federal minister acknowledged.

He acknowledged the chapter of the politics of Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, and Maulana Fazlur Rehman, has been closed.

Commenting on the current political state of affairs, the railway minister acknowledged, “Nawaz Sharif won’t return from London and the People’s Party would not resign (from assemblies), at any cost.”

He acknowledged the opposition occasions have the exact to hold public conferences nevertheless they acquired’t be allowed to take the regulation of their arms. He expressed concern concerning the terrorism menace and unfold of COVID-19 inside the nation.


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