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A fatwa has been issued in direction of the world-famous on-line sport PUBG.

According to particulars, the fatwa in direction of PUBG Game was issued in response to a question from the Darul Iftaa of Jamia tul-Uloom-ul-Islamia (Banuri Town).

Dar-ul-Iftaa was requested, “Does anyone who plays a PUBG game fall out of the realm of Islam?”


In response to which it was talked about that it is unlawful to play this sport and the person collaborating in will most likely be excluded from the realm of Islam.


The Details Of The Fatwa Are As Follows:

In the PUBG sport, usually the game’s participant has to worship within the entrance of idols to realize power, and the person collaborating within the sport has to bow down.

It is shirk for a Muslim to bow proper right down to idols whereas believing in Tawheed (Oneness of Allah), and doing so in a sport will often get rid of the abomination of bowing proper right down to idols, so it is not permissible to play this sport shopping for power is shirk and the one who does it intentionally will be excluded from the realm of Islam.

And even when a person does not commit any act of shirk in PUBG, it is nonetheless not permissible to play a sport because of he agrees to the shirk consisted sport.


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