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A five-year-old boy hailed as a superhero after he single-handedly protected his mother as few armed males broke into their residence and started to shoot bullets.

A video of your complete incident went viral on social media. It may very well be seen inside the video that four males had been trespassing the house, three out of them had been carrying weapons. The armed males then broke into Tamika Reid’s (sufferer) house in South Bend, Indiana.

The five-year-old David Johnson jumped after the alleged robbers/killers to protect his family; mother and sister.

According to the law enforcement officials, the gunmen knocked on the door sooner than and a teen responded.

“A teenager opened the door and four men forced themselves inside.”

The South Bend police shared the video footage of the boy saving his family and wrote,

“You can see a little boy beating up one of the armed suspects as he tries to protect his house.”

“I tried to throw my car at him,” recalled the brave teen.



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