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The Pakistan Cricket Board has confirmed {{that a}} participant was approached by a suspected bookmaker in Rawalpindi, the place the National T20 Cup is presently in progress.

According to PCB, the Anti-Corruption Unit carried out its investigations, sooner than escalating the matter to the Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) for an extra probe.

PCB Director – Anti-Corruption and Security, Lt Col (Retd) Asif Mahmood, talked about: “I’ve spoken with the participant to go together with and thank him for following the PCB Anti-Corruption Code and reporting the technique to the anti-corruption officer.

“This is a sworn statement of our frequent anti-corruption education intervals along with the participant’s clear understanding of the Code and his obligations beneath such a state of affairs. This moreover shows the idea and confidence the players have inside the PCB Anti-Corruption Unit, which might be very satisfying and galvanizing for us.


“Following the report, the PCB Anti-Corruption Unit carried out its probe and unearthed some delicate data, which has been forwarded to the FIA, which has the required expertise, sources, capabilities, and powers to research such points.

“As we can’t jeopardize an ongoing investigation, it should probably be inappropriate for us to share any specifics of the technique. 

However, the PCB as an accountable member of the International Cricket Council will proceed to take care of the game’s administrative physique abreast of the progress in investigations as part of our information-sharing technique.

“We are all conscious that the sport is in danger attributable to a small variety of corrupters who attempt to entice cricketers for his or her private positive aspects and profit. But there’s additionally little question that we can collectively defeat these individuals if the gamers strictly abide by the anti-corruption protocols and proceed to report approaches to the anti-corruption officers.”


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