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India has reopened cinemas after seven months of lockdown. However, the coronavirus pandemic has nonetheless strengthened its roots inside the nation.

BBC reporter Krutika Pathi talked about that lockdown losses will haunt its comeback as barely new films are being produced.

“Cinemas have got the brunt. We were the first to shut down and we will be the last to reopen,” Alok Tandon, the CEO of multiplex chain Inox, instructed the BBC last month.

Note that India has the second-highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases on the planet after the US. The nation’s well-being ministry has reported 680 deaths inside the last 24 hours.

Rakesh Jariwala, a media and leisure analyst, talked about that after an prolonged summer season season with no movies on the massive show, opening up cinemas is a symbolic and “feel-good movie.” “The thinking is hopeful – like the idiom goes, build a city and people will come,” he gives.

However, the experience of watching a movie in theatres will not be an identical this time. Local media reported that there will not be lengthy queues for the tickets. 

Names and cellphone numbers will seemingly be collected on the doorway for contact tracing and popcorn will even be sterilized. Around 50% of people inside the hall will seemingly be allowed to sit.

Film critic Saibal Chatterjee talked about, “People aren’t dying to go back and watch old films – why would we spend our money and take a risk? Who would go with their family and potentially expose them?”

“It’s a vicious circle – people won’t come unless a big blockbuster release, but producers won’t release a big movie unless people come,” Komal Nahta, a film, and commerce analyst, says.


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